Website Design Services

With over 10 years of website design and website development experience as an independent contractor, I have the skills necessary to help you with every phase of your project from start to finish.

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Web Design Process

Each website built by Rstyle Design follows this process. Together this our road map to success.

01. Collaboration

The first step of the website design process is to collaborate, brainstorm, and determine the requirements of your website. During this phase it is important to explore and discover your objectives and goals. Once a clear plan is established we can move on to the next phase.

02. Design

Everything from the collaboration phase gets compiled and analyzed. The creative process then begins to take shape and a mockup of the website is created. This stage gives you the opportunity to visualize the design for review. When both parties are comfortable with moving forward any necessary revisions are then made and the design becomes finalized.

03. Development

Once the finalized design is approved the website development process begins. During this stage the design begins to transition to the web and become a fully interactive website. The demo website will be constructed and presented to you to receive your feedback and any last revisions are completed.

04. Launch

During this phase rigorous browser and device tests are performed for quality assurance. The culmination of many hard hours of work is now complete and the exciting phase of getting the final deliverables begins. A suitable launch date is determined and the website is prepped for migration and installed on to your web hosting.